In the context of the SCA, I have been fortunate to build relationships with talented artisans that I am proud to call my apprentices, and whose work I would like to share here:

Geoffrey ap Clwyd (Jeff Williams) Navigator extraordinaire, and student of all 16th Century nautical things

Brianna O’Dinneen (Jennifer Dinneen) Talented glass worker.  Pre-Sixteen hundreds glass engraving is her specialty

Cellach Mor (Kel – Kari Kel Dalton) Fabulous lady.  She has an interest in period baking and is having lots of fun exploring the wonderful world of arts and sciences.

Marcellus Capoziello da Napoli (Robert M. Capozello) Not my apprentice, but my husband.  Woodworking is his passion, especially 16th Century Italian.  And he does it so well.


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